Portrait of Charlotte, a white woman in her early twenties with long, straight blonde highlighted hair. She is wearing a white Jane Campion t-shirt, and holding up a white brochure. She has her eyes closed and she has an excited expression on her face, posing with the brochure.

Charlie Little

Access Consultant

I am a freelance access consultant based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and I am passionate about accessible and inclusive cinematic experiences. Being hard of hearing and visually impaired, I bring lived experience as a film lover and cinema-goer with access needs to my work. I am also a programmer, and I write about disability in film.

I provide access consultancy and advice in relation to Disabled and Deaf audiences. I specialise in working with clients involved in the film exhibition sector and the wider film industry. You can find out more here.

You can find some of my published writings here.

You can find out more about my curatorial experience here.