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Despite calls for diversity and inclusivity within the media industry, disabled and D/deaf people are often sidelined. Disabled stories are underrepresented in the film and television industry, and the majority of film criticism (especially digital film criticism) is not accessible for blind or D/deaf writers and readers. There are small but crucial steps that platforms can undertake to improve their accessibility, such as alt text for images and captions for video content. Film publications should consult with the disability community so that they can create an inclusive space where disabled people can enjoy and contribute to film criticism. Inaccessibility is not an issue exclusive to the film industry, and all industries, websites, and social media platforms should strive to accommodate disabled people. I recently launched an initiative to encourage the normalisation of accessibility within film journalism. Accessibility should be a priority and not an afterthought. Disabled stories deserve to be reflected, and disabled people should be able to share their opinions and pursue careers in the media industry without any barriers.


I consult with digital publications, assessing the accessibility of their content and providing advice. I create personalised guidelines which contain concise explanations, step to step guides, examples, and resources for the application of an array of accessibility features. I am also available to provide specialised accessibility advice for interested organisations and platforms outside of film. This can include both practical access for venues and/or digital access. I have provided disability awareness training for cinema staff as well as webinars on digital accessibility features.

I have written accessibility guidelines for Flip Screen, Scratch Cinema, UK Film Review, Film Updates, Seventh Row, Obscur, The Slice, CLAPPER, Film Cred, HCMovieReviews, JumpCut Online, TAKE ONE, Screen Queens, and others.

I have worked with Scalarama Scotland, Film Hub Scotland, Belmont Filmhouse, Take One Action! Film Festivals, Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF), Women X Festival, and others, by either providing access advice, leading access webinars, or sharing my experiences of deafblindness and access.

If you would like to find out more, then please visit my contact page.

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