Charlotte Little is a hard of hearing and visually impaired film writer and disability activist, writing for UK Film Review, Flip Screen, and Scratch Cinema. Charlotte has also written for Film Daze, Screen Queens, and Film Stories. You can contact her at charlotte.a.little1@gmail.com for commissioned writing.

Ad Astra: Sentimentality & Daddy Issues

Brad Pitt is Major Roy McBride, a lonesome astronaut in James Gray’s stunning space-opera. Ad Astra first premiered at the Venice Film Festival a few weeks ago and left critics shivering with existential chills.

Describing Audio Description

Audio Description (AD) is a narration track that is played in addition to the dialogue and soundtrack of a film; it is primarily intended to benefit blind and visually impaired audiences. The commentary describes the visual elements of the media, such as body language and expressions which can assist a blind or visually impaired person’s […]

Revisiting A Quiet Place: Disability Representation

Disability is an identity much like race or gender, but the arts are lacking in disability representation. Instead, disabled individuals like myself regularly see non-disabled actors emulate the characteristics of a marginalised group without any outreach into the community they depict.

Caption This

Since the arrival of streaming services such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix, the popularity of subtitles has risen with many hearing users opting to switch on captions.

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